Student Comments

These comments are from student evaluations of our classes.

Theory and Practice of Linux System Administration

  • Best training I’ve ever attended.
  • Perfect. Lots of little extras in the content that you don’t normally get.
  • Excellent; Lots of useful material for beginners as well as more advanced users.
  • Very well done. Good scope of content.
  • Wide range of topics, Covers all the bases.
  • I had a good grasp coming into the course but your class filled in the gaps on things I’d never had to deal with and never took the time to learn. It was well prepared and a great launching point for me to round out my Linux knowledge.
  • A good mix of lecture and lab projects.
  • Gained a lot of understanding about the ‘behind the scenes’ interworkings[sic] of Linux.
  • I had a good base of Linux/Unix knowledge coming into this, but learned a lot. I don’t feel like I’m fumbling around anymore when working with a Linux system.
  • The class was very informative and contains a lot of information.
  • The instructor displayed a great deal of knowledge and was able to answer every one of my questions.
  • Everything I previously worked with was explained in the class and made sense. Things in the class that I have not previously worked with will become clear once I use them on my own. Great class.
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